Tuba Ozkan 

Tuba is a designer, educator, and creative technologist, interested in designing interactions through spaces, products, and games. Besides having a curiosity about the impacts of technology on the everyday experience & human perception, she is also a fan of Maker Movement and the idea behind it: self-teaching and making things without requiring expertise. She holds a master’s degree in architecture and currently an MFA candidate at Design & Technology at Parsons School for Design. To see her works, please visit https://tubaozkan.com/.

Sibel Yasemin Özgan

Sibel is a PhD Candidate in the Architectural Design Computing Program at Istanbul Technical University where she works as a research and teaching assistant in the Department of Interior Architecture. As a teaching associate, she conducts undergraduate level design studios and some elective courses. Recently, she was invited to the University of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany as a visiting scholar. Her research interest lies in the relation of computation to histories of culture, arts, crafts and architecture as well as the history of computational design thinking. Her interest on art history led her to participate in the International Training Program of the British Museum in London, where she gained insights into the workings of museums and curatorships.

Selen Çatalyürekli

Selen is a design researcher and a documentary maker. She conducts researches on participatory design processes for public spaces and works on interdisciplinary projects that is held in cooperation with local governments. Her works focus on ecology movements, social rights issues, public participation and urban interventions in public spaces. She also took part in various international experimental and documentary projects. She holds BA degree from Sabancı University’s Social and Political Science program and MSC degree in Industrial Product Design from Istanbul Technical University. To see her works, please visit http://www.selencatalyurekli.com.